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Master Michael Kossivakis

07 novembre 2016 | 18:45 - 20:00


FMA and Blade Specialist

Michael Kossyvakis was born in Athens on January 27, 1965. At the early age of six, he started playing basketball and, until 1980, participated in many official matches. Michael entered the world of martial arts in March of 1974 starting with the American martial art Kajukenbo, and since then he has actively, faithfully and tirelessly been devoted to them.

In 1979, Michael Kossivakis was a pioneer of Full-Contact kick Boxing in Greece and, simultaneously, he began his apprenticeship in Jiu-Jitsu. In 1980, he also started Boxing.

Michael has been a professional instructor since September 1985, honouring the teaching of martial arts as his exclusive and sole occupation, in his own martial arts schools. He served his military service as a Special Forces Operator (Green Beret) and Paratroopers Instructor.

During his 42 years of experience in the field of martial arts, 31 years of Michael’s professional career have been spent in his own schools, investing over 70,000 hours to teaching. Over this period, he attained the following qualifications:

  • Master 6th Dan Black Belt in KARATE 2000 / USA by USAKF and AKBBA
  • Master Instructor 5th Dan Black Belt JU-JITSU 1997 / USA by USMA
  • International Master KICK BOXING 1995 / ENGLAND by WAKO
  • Instructor FILIPINO COMBAT SYSTEMS 2006 / USA by FCS
  • Senior Instructor – Lakan Antas Tatlo MODERN ARNIS 2010 / USA by MARRPIO
  • Police Defensive Tactics Trainer 1993 / USA by DSI
  • Certified Karate Coach, by the Hellenic General Secretariat of Sports – 1995

Public Positions of Authority:

Academic Instructor of Self-Defence in the GREEK POLICE Officers’ Academy.
Academic Trainer of Self Defence in the post-secondary public education institution (IEK).
Speciality: Security & Infrastructure Skilled Personnel (IEK Patras / IEK Vocational Saint Demetrios / IEK Korydallou).

Michael began specializing in the combat usage and application of the stick in 1991 in Ireland, and in the usage and application of the combat knife in the U.S. in 1993. Since then, he has remained dedicated to the expansion of his own knowledge, participating in over 200 specialized martial arts seminars in Greece, England, France, Germany, Belgium, Holland, Switzerland, Italy and the U.S.

His formal training has encompassed a variety of Filipino martial arts styles, such as:

Pekiti Tirsia Kali, Modern Arnis, Inayan Eskrima, Doce Pares Escrima, Inosanto Kali, Seranta Eskrima, Lapunti Arnis De Abanico, Visayan Escrima, Balintawak Arnis Tulisan, Buka Jalan, Sayok Silak,
Sayoc Kali, Sayoc Fighting System, Sayoc Tactical, Balinando Escrima Pahngamunt, Warrior Escrima, Atienza Kali, Luzvimida Arnis Kali, Dog Brothers System, Pambuan Arnis Tulisan, Filipino Combat Systems, Doce Pares Multi Style Escrima…

…from Grand Masters, Pumong Guro and Tuhons, including :

Chris Sayoc (Philipines)
Dr Remy P. Presas (Philipines),
Raffy Pambuan (Philipines),
Βoddy Taboada (Philipines),
Οnto Carburnary (Philipines),
Fred Lazo (Philipines),
Sonny Umbrad (Philipines),
Felix Cortez (USA),
Tom Kier (USA)
Jimmy Sayoc (USA)
Chris Sayoc Jr (USA)
Ray Dionaldo (USA)
Ditier Knutel (Germany),
Samuel Dulay (Philipines),

…and Masters & Guro, including:

Mark Denny (USA),
Bob Breen (England),
Gass Magda (USA),
Emanuel Hart (ΗΠΑ),
Krishna Godhania (England),
Jeff Espinoys (France),
Jullio Felices (Philipines)
Carl Atienza (USA)
Darryl Atienza (USA)
Μark Villey (USA),
Nick Sacoulas (USA)
Dany Huertas (Philipines)

He has also been influenced by other martial arts systems concerning knife, stick and weapon fighting, such as:

Karate, Kenpo, Hapkido, Ju-Jitsu, Krav Maga, Haganah, Lua, Pentjack Silat, Kung Fu, AMOK, Pai Lam,  Chuan Tao Kempo, F.I.G.H.T, Stav Αikido, Aiki-Jutsu, Goshindo, Can Ryu …

Furthermore, Michael’s training incorporates systems used by military and police forces in England, France, Austria, Norway, Russia, USA and Israel.

Filipino Combat Systems (FCS) – Modern Arnis (MARPPIO)

Michael Kossyvakis is the first member and the first certified instructor of the Filipino Combat Systems in Europe: He established the art in both Greece and France. Moreover, he is the only European who has officially attained the rank of instructor at the FCS headquarters in Florida, USA.

From November 2003 until December 2008, Michael was the sole representative and technical director of the Filipino Combat Systems (FCS) for the Balkans, and from March 2006 to December 2008, he held the same position in the north of France.

In 2010, Michael Kossyvakis invited and hosted the very first 7 day seminar from Dr Remy P. Presas, the son of the Modern Arnis’s founder and the U.S. Master Patrik Armigio, in Greece and in the Balkans.

He succeeded in achieving the rank of Modern Arnis Senior Instructor and took over the representation and technical management of MARPPIO for the Balkans and Cyprus. His school is the only school in the Balkans benefiting from the official recognition of the family of Grand Master Remy A. Presas.

Currently, Michael is responsible for the overall operation of the FMA programme in 11 martial arts schools and 11 training centres in Greece, while the FMA POLAND (Filipino Arnis De Mano Poland) and one school in WALES have incorporated his knife training program (FCS GREECE Blade Programme) since 2010.

He has also established 23 instructor schools, attended by over 200 scholars, teachers and coaches (up to 8th Dan) from over 75 different martial art styles, and has performed over 1000 (one thousand) FMA seminars in Greece, Cyprus, Europe, USA and Canada.



Date :
07 novembre 2016
Heure :
18:45 - 20:00
Prix :


Kyoshi Mike Leclair


Leclair SKD – Dojo de Gatineau
297, rue Alice
Gatineau, Québec Canada
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